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Try something different in Province of Cadiz for your business and lifestyle

We are local area specialists in Province de Cadiz, contact us if you require destination management support, information on the benefits of working remotely from one of our stunning local beaches, need a virtual assistant to support you in building your growing business or help fine tuning your personal life as an expat using our multi-lingual 121 service.


This is your chance to do something different, try something unique, exciting, that will make a difference to your life and others around you. Vejer Life, while offering a special taste of Andalucian life style to visitors to our area, provides business support and an exceptional network for those who wish to make a bigger splash corporately through an event, conference or business initiative.


If you wish to try a different lifestyle by joining us in Province de Cadiz, either by working remotely , or using services that can accelerate growth in your business or enhancing your existing life style as an Expat lets talk, we have the tools and network that can support you.


Meet Your Team


Stephen Francis
Vejer & London

It was love at first sight when I first visited Vejer and Cadiz over 14 years ago, another life time.


Returning regularly over the preceding years led me to a move here, while working remotely for my European based clients. I made the big break a few years later making Vejer my permanent home.


Over the years I had branched out to discover more and more of this unique, enchanted land that is the Province of Cadiz, it's diversity, adventure, landscapes & warm hearted people, who are central to everything, all together it makes this a very special place to visit or to live. 


With a focus on community, sustainability and adventure, it is our ambition at Vejer Life to share with other liked minded travellers, a little of what we have discovered, the hidden treasures, the passion the duende and of course the sun and blue skies, even on the rare grey day.

Stephen x


Diana Pallares
Vejer & Bogota

Arriving in Vejer eight years ago for an extended visit, after a number of years living in Madrid, I came looking for change and an antidote to having lived, most of my life, in two great cities, for most of my life. In between I enjoyed travelling in the far east and India, now with a baby daughter, the beauty, peace and life style change was attractive, dramatic in all I discovered here and the area of province of Cadiz, it was truly life changing.


Since my arrival I have created emporiums that sold art, books and furnishings, promoted and worked with many local events, activities and experiences. Discovered great talent and met wonderful people who populate and drive this unique and historic area of Spain forward.

I hope you have time to come and share the magical place I call home, there are many reasons why I never used that return ticket to Madrid....

diana xx

VL - JOSE IMG_20221204_144829_edited.jpg

Jose Manuel Vega 
Vejer & Madrid 

When the world came to a temporary halt in 2020, like many of others I had the time to plan changes to my life, it was a moment many dreamt of, so I took the opportunity with both hands and landed in Vejer with the intention of starting a new chapter, even a book! I was born and grew up in Madrid, a true madrileños, but  a summer holiday in the early 1990's bought me to Vejer where I discovered an area that left an indelible mark on me - many future summer holidays followed.


Since then, I returned for longer and longer each year, discovering the hidden secrets of this magical spot, and dreaming of possibly a day when Vejer would become my home. 


Working in tourism as an expert tour guide in Spain, Vejer offered me the perfect landscape where I could  share my knowledge and interests in art, history, crafts, gastronomy and nature with passionate visitors. 


Free yourself, come be charmed by the gentle pace of Vejer Life and enjoy the buzz of Province of Cadiz.

x Jose

About Us

Vejer Life is a multilingual, locally based destination management company in the province of Cadiz, South West Spain. Offering an outstanding knowledge of the area and superb network of partners, we provide exclusive services, unique experiences and activities for any visit, event or production.

* Through our 121 concierge service we support individuals and small groups planning, scheduling, booking and confirming all our clients needs when visiting; for a day, weekend or longer

* Our business services provide a plugin for companies involved in the MICE sector, are relocating to the area, remote workers such as digital nomads, and expats wishing to live in our wonderful location

Based in the heart of the province, 365 days a year, Vejer Life ensures time spent here is more productive, more adventurous and fun, helping clients get the very most out of 'the real Spain'.

It’s easy, tell us what you wish to do and we will make it happen, our focus is on independent minded travellers and growing businesses who want adventure, authentic, unique experiences and activities all year round.

As your eyes & ears on the ground when organising anything we ensure communication is easy and stress free, and our tried and tested business partners are ready to support your personal or business goals.... all is possible and no task to small.


for unique business experiences 
lets talk

15, Calle Juan Bueno, 

Vejer de la Frontera,

11150, Cadiz

+34 645 60 32 00

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